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Ankh Eye of Horus, The Ankh, also known as the key of life, the legend of the Nile, or crux ansata, was the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic character that read “eternal life”.

Ankh Eye of Horus – Introduction:

The ankh and the eye of Horus are two of the most important symbols in the history of Ancient Egypt. They are still present in today’s world after having survived centuries. Their passing down as it is formed through generations is a testimonial of their true spiritual powers.

Eye of Ra Drawing

In this article, we will briefly go through the eye of Horus and the ankh symbol and discuss their spiritual and healing powers. We will also go through the interrelationship between two of the most powerful ancient Egyptian symbols. So, fasten your seat belts, because this article will take you through the depths of ancient Egyptian history.

The below article describes the origin of the eye of Horus Symbol, its mythical tale, its spiritual powers, and the use of the eye of Horus Symbol in the present world. This article also sheds light upon the ankh symbol, the mythological origin of the ankh symbol, its spiritual powers, and its use in the current world.

Ancient Egyptian Symbols:

The use of Eye symbols around the world has been very common. The world has seen a variety of eye symbols claiming to have mystical and spiritual healing powers. These eye symbols include the eye of Horus, the eye of RA, the evil eye symbol, and the ankh symbol. Yet the most fascinating detail about these eye symbols is that most of these symbols have originated from the ruins and remnants of Ancient Egypt.

Ancient Egyptian Symbols

The people of Ancient Egypt were highly intelligent and would often seek and work on the relationship between science and these symbols. If we go deeper into the meanings of these symbols, we will be surprised to hear that most often than not these symbols do in fact history and relationship between the neuroanatomical structures and spiritualism.

The Eye of Horus Symbol – Meaning

The eye of Horus Symbol is used to symbolize property, healing, and protection from disease. It is known by many other names also. The names include wedjat, the eye of udjat, etc.

The Eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power, and good health. It represents the eye of the god Horus, who was the son of Osiris and Isis and the protector of the pharaohs. The symbol is often depicted as a stylized eye with a curved line and wedjat, which represents the markings of a falcon’s eye. The Eye of Horus was used as a medical symbol for protection and healing and was also associated with mathematical and scientific principles.


The eye of Horus was first originated and used as long ago as 2181 BC in the ancient Egyptian ruins. For the people of ancient Egypt, the eye of Horus Symbol represented prosperity, protection from disease, and happiness. For centuries, the eye of Horus has been used and passed down to generations with its majestical spiritual powers.

Eye of Horus Origin

Mythological Tale:

The eye of Horus Symbol originated from the mythological yet historically remarkable tale of the two brothers: Osiris and Seth. Osiris was the Ancient Egyptian King and was very much loved by his people. Seeing the growing popularity of his brother and the then King of Egypt, Seth started feeling jealous and envious so much that one day he began plotting against killing his own brother.

Also, the fact that Seth’s very own wife was very much sexually attracted to Osiris and dressed up herself for Osiris, and later conceived his child was a devastatingly driving force enough that led Seth to the murder of his brother Osiris. After the death of Osiris, Isis his wife desperately tried to bring him back through magic since Isis was a goddess too.

She managed to bring Osiris back and was successfully impregnated by him. Isis gave birth to a baby boy named Horus. Horus is considered to be among one the gods of Ancient Egypt. He was a flacon-headed God which means that his head was that of a falcon whereby his body was that of a human.

Eye of Horus symbol Mythological

Later, the ruins of ancient Egypt witnessed the series of wars between Horus and Seth, led by Horus in order to win his rightful kingdom back. One such war between Horus and Seth led to the downfall of Seth. However, it was during this war that Seth cut the left eye of Horus into 6 pieces.

The mythological stories say that it was thus cutting the left eye of Horus into 6 pieces that led to the modern-day phases of the moon. The eye of Horus was then later healed by his wife with the help of the God Thoth.

That is when the ancient Egyptians started believing that the eye of Horus was indeed a symbol of Prosperity, healing, and protection from disease. The eye of Horus has been proven to know the world for almost centuries now.

Spiritual Powers:

The spiritual powers of the eye of Horus Symbol are indeed countless. This can be analyzed from the fact that the world has known the eye of Horus Symbol for centuries now and the younger generations continue to do so. There must be some truth to the majestical and spiritual powers of the eye of Horus for only then is possible for a symbol to survive such periods of time and still stand true.

Eye of Horus Spiritual

Following are some examples of the spiritual powers of the eye of Horus:

  • The eye of Horus was used by the ancient Egyptian people as to gift to their Kings. They would keep the eye of Horus symbols on the dead bodies of their Kings as it was their belief that this act of theirs would protect the bodies of their dead Kings from
  • The eye of Horus Symbol was often used by sick and ill people religiously. They would keep the eye of Horus Symbol very close to their hearts and chest and the area of their infection as they thought that doing so will bring peace and calm to them and will ward off their disease.
  • As the times changed, the use of the Horus Symbol changed too. Currently, the eye of Horus Symbol is also used to treat symptoms of anxiety and depression. People believe that doing so will help bring prosperity back to their lives.
  • The eye of Horus Symbol was often hung around the house as a symbol and sign of good luck. People used to hang it in front of their house doors to keep disease and illness away from their houses.
  • The eye of Horus Symbol was also used in times of war. Wives and lovers would tie the eye of Horus Symbol around the arms of their men and send them to wars hoping that the eye of Horus Symbol keeps them safe and sane.

Use in Present Day:

  • The use of the eye of Horus Symbol has not been changed or stopped ever since its origin and use in early 2181 BC.
  • The fact that the eye of Horus Symbol continues to thrive and breathe in the present day is a sign enough of the truth and the authenticity of its majestical spiritual and healing powers.
  • Following are some of the ways that the eye of Horus continues to thrive and make its name in the present-day modern world of the 21st century;
  • The eye of Horus Symbol is often used by people in their cars or as a decoration piece in their homes. Since one of the benefits of using the eye of Horus Symbol is to bring prosperity, many people use it in their homes to bring good luck and fortune to them.
  • The eye of Horus is often used by people especially women in their ornaments!
  • The most common form of ornaments that are worn by women include rings, bracelets, lockets, necklaces, and anklets made out of the eye of Horus symbols.
  • People often get tattoos that show the eye of the Horus symbol in order to benefit from its spiritual and majestical powers.

The Ankh Symbol – Meaning

The Ankh symbol is used to represent eternal life. It is seemed to be referred to as the first ever cross symbol in the history of ancient symbols.

It has many other names also. The most common name is the key of life. It is also sometimes called the key of the Nile because of its Egyptian origin.

The Ankh Symbol


The Ankh symbol first originated as long ago as 1873 CE. The exact origin of the ankh symbol is still unknown however there is one theory that has gained at least some acceptance in the modern world. We will be discussing this theory further down the lane.

Mythological Tale:

It has been come to know that the ankh symbol might be originated from the knotted belt of the Goddess Isis. And due to this reason, the ankh symbol represents fertility which in turn represented or kind of symbolizes the key to life.

This theory has gained much acceptance by the history critics of the modern world. This can also be one of the reasons that a cross symbol was used as a representation of the sacrifice of Jesus and shows his return one day.

The Ankh Symbol Mythological

Spiritual Powers:

  • The ankh like the eye of Horus Symbol has many spiritual powers.
  • It has been shown to bring fortune, an increase in life, longevity, and good wealth to people who use it.
  • The Ankh symbol is often used by people, especially women in amulets and ornaments.
  • Women wear anklets, bracelets, lockets, necklaces, and rings made out of the ankh symbol.
  • People use the ankh symbol often in combination with the eye of Horus symbol to bring them to double the luck and fortune that it will bring them by using the ankh symbol alone.
  • The Ankh symbol is often used by sick and ill people to help them get better fast. This comes from the belief that since the ankh symbol represents longevity it might help sick people feel better.


With this, our article on the ankh eye of Horus symbol comes to end. We hope that we have answered all of your questions related to the eye of Horus and the ankh symbol to your satisfaction.

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