Green Eye of Horus – Ancient Egyptian Symbol

Green Eye of Horus, associating the color with Osiris, vegetation, and resurrection. Because of this rejuvenation, it is also called “green eye“.

Introduction – Green Eye of Horus:

If you have always been fond of ancient symbols and signs and have seen this ancient specific symbol before but always wondered what could have made the Egyptians of the older times believe in the magical properties of this symbol, then don’t consider yourself alone.

In fact, while writing this write up our authoring team itself revealed that they had very little to no idea about the specific symbol before. However, many days of rigorous research and literary books have enabled us to finally explain in the most basic and concise way the green of the Horus symbol and its history of originality.

green eye of horus

In this write-up, we will be providing our readers with a short summarized table summarizing the contents of the eye of Horus. A basic overview of the topic of our articles is a must in every write-up of ours. To understand the green Eye of Horus it is equally important to grasp the nature of the beliefs that the Ancient Egyptians used to process. At the end of the article, a short summary of the legendary tale of Osiris and Seth has been provided for our loyal readers.

The Green Eye of Horus Overview:

The green eye of Horus is a very antique and old symbol and has been around for quite some time now. The significance that the word green carries here is beyond a minor piece of information. In fact, we will be explaining the significance of the use of green color for the Eye of Horus quite thoroughly in this article.

The most important factors that led to the birth and then the stay of this legendary symbol throughout these carries are also described and thrown light upon in this write-up.

Spiritual Beliefs in the Time of Ancient Egypt:

For a moment, just close your eyes and take yourself to the remnants of the ancient pyramids of Egypt. Imagine living in the ruins among the culture of the people of the Gods. Here is a thing about ancient Egyptians: They loved nature and were so curious about finding their gods that it led them to make everything they saw their god.

Their belief was that everything around them that of nature was a special god bestowed with some special powers. They saw gods and even goddesses in plants, trees, insects, clouds, water, and crops. Some of their famous gods and goddesses include the holy mother cow the Goddess Hoth, who is the Goddess of fertility and reproduction.

Spiritual Beliefs Ancient Egypt

One of the more famous examples is that of the intelligent and clever baboons According to their spiritual belief, first came the God of Sun RA and the god of the sun was born out of water. The god of the Sun then gave birth to the god of air and the Goddess of moisture. Then we have The God of the Moon, Thoth who has a strong and significant connection with the eye of Horus. Thoth, the god of healing was the one who actually restored and healed the broken pieces of the eye of Horus.

Understanding and grasping the concept that it was very important for ancient Egyptians to link symbols and signs to their gods is significant. There used to be temples in Ancient Egypt however only proclaimed priests were allowed to worship the gods inside the temples and to pray to gods on behalf of other ordinary people. Whereas other people could only pray to gods by looking at the drawings on the outer walls of temples.

This social custom was important in forming the foundation of the use of symbols and signs in Egypt. Thus, the ordinary people would form signs and symbols such that of the eye Of Horus, which depicts the eye of the falcon-headed God, and would pray to these symbols because they were not allowed to pray openly in the temples.

Synonyms and the Meaning of the Eye of Horus:

The eye of Horus is known in popular culture as Wedjat which essentially means Unity restored. In some nations, it is also known as Udjat, the third eye and the eye of God Himself.

Significance of the Green Color:

The actual representations of the eye of Horus have been long in the markets before we were even born. Since the origin region of the eye of Horus is Egypt, it is often made with an Egyptian paste, the actual name for which is Finance, Finance is peered into the molds shaped in the form of the eye of Horus and is let to stay there for long periods of time.

Significance of the Green eye of horus

They are eventually taken out once the Egyptian paste has solidified into the form of the eye of Horus. Now the main thing to note here is that green color is added into the Finance the Egyptian paste. The green color of the eye of Horus is very important. The color of the symbol itself is not that important what’s more important is what that color depicts.

And as we all know green is the color of purity and cleanliness. It is the color of healing and nature. It is the color of planta and mother earth. Hence it is obvious that a hint of pure green color was added when making statues of the eye of Horus.

Mythological Tale:

NO, a write-up or article about the eye of Horus can never be completed without the mention of the legendary tale of the two brothers of Ancient Egypt. The brother who ruled ancient Egypt was Osiris who was the brother whose Region of Egypt wasn’t progressing as fast as the other brothers grew jealous and ended up killing his only brother Osiris.

Mythological Tale Green eye of horus

However, Osiris’s wife Isis took care of their Son, Horus until he grew up into a man so Horus can finally take revenge for the murder of Osiris. Horus ended up having a great number of wars with Seth to avenge his father and succeeded in doing so too. However, it was during one of these wars, that Seth cut into 6 pieces the left eye of Horus much like the moon is cut into 6 phases.

All the gods signed an agreement to let the God of the moon, Thoth Himself heal the eye of Horus. This decision took place and the 6 pieces of the eye of Horus were finally glued and healed together. And that is what led to today’s perception of the eye of Horus Symbol-Healing and prosperity.


We here at the eye of Horus hope that you have so far gained a clear understanding of the mesmerizing concept of the green eye of Horus and the part that the color green plays such a significant role in the properties and the powers of the eye of Horus.

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