Eye of Horus Brain | The Pineal Gland And Our Brain – [2023]

Eye of Horus Brain will allow you to amazingly fall into the depth of the culture of the people of ancient Egypt and will help you see this spiritual symbol in that light.

Eye of Horus Brain – Introduction:

The ancient Egyptians were the pioneers of science and spiritualism. You will come across various ancient and spiritual symbols in the current world, and if you had time to go into the historical depth of each of these symbols, almost all of them would trace back their histories to the Ancient Egyptian remnants.

Today, there are hundreds of Eye symbols across the world making their way to the opposite side of the world but almost none of those could match the majesty and gloriousness of the eye of Horus Symbol. The eye of Horus Symbol is massively used and appreciated in the present-day world which is much-needed evidence of how far it had come and stood true to its powers.

The Eye of Horus Art

If one looked closely at the lives of the people of ancient Egypt one would notice how there was a neuroanatomical relationship between things of their daily life use with the human brain.

When researchers actually went through these relationships, it was not much of a surprise that the eye of Horus was indeed directly related to the parts of the glorious human brain. Each of the six parts of the eye of Horus was a direct representation of the six senses and was exactly corresponding to those 6 areas in the brain.

The ongoing article consists of us going through the beginning of the eye of Horus, and some ancient Egyptian history as to how the brains and minds of people of those times used to work, we will also discuss in the utmost detail, the obvious and very intriguing relationship in association with the eye of Horus and the fascinating human brain.

This leaves the article of no value if we don’t go through the majestically and spiritual powers of the eye of Horus as they have been passed down generations and survived nothing less than centuries. Keep your belts tight for we are going on a roller coaster of its kind rinds through the historical area of the ancient mummies.

Meaning of the Eye of Horus:

The Eye of Horus, also known as the wedjat, is an ancient Egyptian symbol that represents the god Horus and his power of protection and healing. The symbol is made up of six parts, each representing different aspects of the eye and its abilities.

The six parts of the Eye of Horus are the following:

  1. The iris represents the sense of sight and the ability to see the truth.
  2. The eyebrow represents wisdom and intelligence.
  3. The pupil represents the ability to see the world and its mysteries.
  4. The lash represents the ability to protect oneself and others.
  5. The cheek represents the ability to heal oneself and others.
  6. The teardrop represents the ability to feel and empathize with others.

The Eye of Horus is also associated with the concept of ma’at, which is the ancient Egyptian concept of balance, harmony, and justice. The Eye of Horus is believed to represent the balance and harmony that can be achieved through connecting with the divine, as well as the power of protection and healing that can be accessed through this connection.

Meaning of the Brain Eye of Horus

In ancient Egypt, the Eye of Horus was often used in amulets and other forms of jewelry to provide protection and bring good luck to the wearer. It was also used in traditional medicine and magic to help heal illnesses and injuries. Today, the Eye of Horus continues to be an important symbol in ancient Egyptian culture and spirituality, and it is still worn as a symbol of protection and good luck.

Many years ago People used this sign as a means to earn happiness and gain protection from disease and People for years to come will continue using it in the same. The most important of all the things that the eye of Horus probably represents are the 3 main things that have been passed down the centuries as it is without any changes or alternations. These three things include but are not limited to

  1. Healing

The Healing property of the eye of Horus goes back to the time when the left eye of the God Horus was cut ruthlessly by his evil uncle Seth in the final war that led to Horus taking over the throne of ancient Egypt. That left eye of Horus which represented the moon according to spiritual believers was then healed by God Thoth and GoddessHot. This healing of Horus’s eye formed the basis of its magical property of healing and its symbolism used to represent healing.

  1. Protection From Disease/Illness

If we link the ancient property of the eye of Horus that is healing to further systems, it can truly and effectively be used as a symbol of protection from disease.

Protection From Disease/Illness brain Eye of Horus

This is what forms the basis or foundation of the use of the eye of Horus by sick people in order to keep disease at bay. This is also what formed the basis of the use of the eye of Horus as a present to gift to people that are admitted to the hospital.

3. Bringing Prosperity/Happiness

When the magical property of the eye of Horus is linked to healing and the eye of Horus provides protection from diseases whether they be communicable or non-communicable it is certain that these 2 properties are meant or designated to bring prosperity and healing to one’s life. This completes the properties explanation.

Other Names for the Eye of Horus: As the eye of Horus has been passed down the generations quite literally, for thousands of years, it has seen people call it by a massive variety of names. Some such names include the Udjat or Wedjat or the eye of God.

Happiness eye of horus

However, an interesting thing to note here is how some names have a very obvious relationship to their neuroanatomical properties. These names include the eye of the brain, the brain eye, or the third eye. We will for sure get into the depth and description of these names later through the article.

 Beginning of the eye of Horus:

The beginning of the eye of Horus can be traced back in history to very ancient Egyptian nights when Egypt was ruled by none other than their most beloved ruler and God Osiris.

Osiris and Seth were brothers as the myths suggest. Osiris was married to his sister Isis as was the custom and tradition of that time whereas Seth on the other hand was tied in a matrimonial relationship with his sister Nephthys. One sad day, Nephthys decided to adore herself in the way Isis does, disguised herself as Isis, and conceived a child after having Sexual intercourse with Osiris.

 Beginning of the eye of Horus

This led to Seth being outrageous and furious. He was already very jealous of the fact that Osiris was the ruler at that time and not him but the fact that his own wife cheated on him led to his mind plotting against his own brother and Seth indeed succussed in doing so. He killed Osiris and took over the Throne of ancient Egypt.

Isis was heartbroken, she looked for her husband all over the place and succeeded in bringing him back using her magical powers as she was a goddess given the fact that she belonged to the God family. Isis then conceived a child with Osiris. They named him Horus. Who knew this child would grow up to be represented as a symbol that would transcend the lengths and distances of time?

Isis had the whole and sole responsibility for the upbringing of Horus. When Horus grew up to be the gentleman that he was, He made sure that he fought with Seth to take revenge for his Dead father Osiris but also to take over what is rightfully his: the throne of ancient Egypt.

And so Horus fought with Seth on every battle front with Valor and with Courage. Horus doing this led to a series of wars between the two and on one very fortunate day indeed Horus managed to push Seth into the arms of defeat. Seth, however being very enraged with this, managed and succeed in cutting and tearing apart the left eye of Horus into 6 pieces.

The left eye of Horus was then given the ointment of healing by the conurbation of and joint efforts of the God Thoth and the wife of Horus: Hoth. But one cannot ignore the fact that how the simple cutting of the eye of Horus into 6 pieces led to the belief that formed the basis of the centuries-old mythology that the eye of Horus’s 6 pieces indeed left 6 pieces of the moon. Today we know the six phases of the moon.

Egyptian eye of Horus

Horus was a flacon-headed God which means that his body was that of humans how we the Head was that of a falcon. It is said and thus believed that the eyes of Horus represented the sun and the moon. The left eye was a symbol of the moon and that is why the cutting of it led to the phases of the moon as we know it today.

When God Thoth and the Goddess Hoth joined their hands and efforts together to heal the eye of Horus that is when the Egyptians of ancient times made up their minds to use this symbol for sure for healing and prosperity.

The truth of this prophecy or mythology has still not been decided by researchers, but the deep evaluation and research regarding this probably suggest that this is the main theory people of ancient Egypt used to follow.

The Neuroanatomical Relationship With the Eye of Horus:

When researchers actually went deep into the historical literature they found out the eye of Horus indeed had a very obvious relationship with the human brain.

If we look closely at the gross anatomy of the human brain, the eye of Horus sits exactly where it represents certain fractions of the human brain’s senses.

Heqat Fraction:

These fractions are known as Heqat fractions in Arabic. Each of these fractions stands for one of the 5 senses of the human brain which are vision, audiology, touch, and balance. The belief of the people of ancient Egypt that staying close to this symbol will help them re-enforce these senses was not exactly vague seeing the scientific basis of the eye of Horus. The Heat fractions total 6 in number. They are 1/3, 2/8, 3/6, 4/8, 2/6, and 1/8.

Heqat eye of horus

What’s even more interesting is that they sit exactly at the brain components that are supposed to represent the senses of the human body. The fact that centuries ago when people had little to no information about the human brain and body, ancient Egyptians made up a sign that is supposed to be repressing the senses of the human body is insanely surprising.

Significance of the Eye of Horus in the Current World:

Nothing can be more obvious evidence of the Holy powers of the eye of Horus other than the fact that the eye of Horus has made its place in this fast-growing world of the 21st century. We will be discussing some of the most important powers that the eye of Horus brings to the table. These include

The eye of Horus was used massively by people with detreroted health. It was their belief that this use of the holy symbol would help them reviver from their disease fast. Protection from disease is also one of the powers of the eye of Horus.

The Eye of Horus

Peasants and lower-class people would give the eye of Horus symbols as presents to their Kings and courts and would keep them on the bodies and chests of their dead Kings. It was their staunch belief that doing so will help them protect the bodies of their rulers from disintegration.

People would often make rugs, mats, and carpets out of the eye of Horus sign and symbol and would not stay away from placing these outside their main home doors or would often even hang them as welcome signs on their doors. This according to their belief was meant to bring happiness and good luck to their lives. Doing so as they thought and as is a belief of ancient people would also keep the disease at bay.

The eye of Horus Symbol is very famous and popular among the youth especially young women who have found and created ornaments inculcating the eye of Horus Symbol. These ornaments include but are in no way limited to the use of rings with the main portion of an eye of Horus Symbol, bracelets with the same pattern, pendants, and lockets showing the eye of Horus sign.

The eye of Horus’s gold tablet is of no hiding from anyone. The eye of Horus gold tablet is being used in casinos and bars around the world. People insanely or spiritually are under the influence of the belief that since the eye of Horus is meant to represent prosperity and happiness, it is bound that the money earned by betting on it brings luck and happiness to one’s life and home.

Significance of the Eye of Horus

That is one of the reasons that even the world’s most famous and biggest casinos have the whole setup and gameplay of the eye of Horus gold Tablet. The eye of Horus tablet has even gained much popularity online. Many websites now available will happily let you bet on the eye of Horus Gold tablet and will most certainly deliver the prizes if you manage to defeat the competitors.

We have more articles on our website explaining the eye of Horus gold tablet so if you have time We would highly suggest you check them out. Nevertheless, with the emergence of new and improved online websites for this gold tablet on the rise, it is smarter and much more needed to be aware and conscious of the scammers. Not only ornaments the use of Eye of Horus tattoos has been growing ever since. Men and young women alike are getting tattoos of the magnificent eye of Horus even more than ever now.


So forth in this article that shows how obviously the eye of Horus is related to the human brain, we have gone through the times and history that led to the beginning of the eye of Horus and such symbols.

We have then covered the association of the 6 senses with the eye of Horus, we have then covered the holy majestically surprising powers of the eye of Horus which led us to the conclusion that the eye of Horus is one of its kind symbol that is yet to stay as the years pass by for our future generations.

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