Eye of Horus Prayer – Ancient Egyptian Prayers And Protection

Eye of Horus Prayer, Scaraboid with Sacred Eye of Horus and Prayer for Life – Late New Kingdom–Third Intermediate Period (about 1550–664 BC).

This write-up will throw light upon the ancient prayers and offerings that were made specifically for the eye of Horus and have been made for as long as the eye of Horus has existed. These offerings and prayers exist today only because of the authenticity of their benefits and the working of the charms of the eye of Horus.

Introduction: Eye of Horus Prayer

Our website has been dedicated to the pure and spiritual symbol of the eye of Horus since 5he beginning of its launch. We have covered many topics related to the eye of Horus not only according to public demand but also according to the queries that you have asked in our previous comments sections.

Eye of Horus Prayer

We have noticed that some of our users have been asking for the Eye of Horus prayer after reading the befits of this old age sign. We understand that the frequency of this request has put the team under a lot of pressure but the delay in fulfilling this demand has been only due to the rigorous research that our team has done in order to bring to you only the most authentic of ancient Egyptian history.

This particular write-up has been dedicated to the eye of Horus prayer only. Firstly, we will be discussing the mythological and spiritual aspects of ancient Egyptian history. Next, we will go through the basic overview of the eye of Horus, its meaning, its origin, and the ideology of one of the strongest spiritual symbols in the history of humanity.

We will be discussing the kind of offerings and prayers of the eye of Horus briefly. We as always for the ease of our beloved readers have also mentioned some of the ornaments and the tattoo prayers at the end of this article. Tie your turbans and get ready to have a virtual tour of ancient Egypt.

Ancient Egyptian Prayers And Protection

Mythological Ancient History of Egypt:

Mythology and spirituality have always been associated with ancient Egypt. Numerous cultures are famous for this virtue, but Egypt stands apart in almost all of these for its unique touch on spirituality and the series of Gods that ancient Egyptians used to believe in.

The concept of Gods and Goddesses dates back to as old as ancient Egypt itself has existed. Ancient Egyptians used to have Gods for everything ranging from the God of the Sun and The God of the moon to the God of plants and the Goddess of the Sea.

Egyptians would worship these Gods and Goddesses and pray to them to bring prosperity to their lands and contentment to their hearts. This went on for centuries like this in Egypt until the modern revolution and civilization took place.

Mythological Ancient History of Egypt

Egyptians were a civilization with a very high intelligent quotient. Even today history researchers who thru study and understanding of the ancient historical signs and their roots would vouch for the intelligence that Egyptians processed back in the day.

Very significant evidence of that lies in the anatomical relationship of the eye of Horus and the parts of human brains a topic that has been widely discussed as heqat fractions under our topic the neuroanatomical relationship of the human brain and the eye of Horus.

Ancient Egyptians took their love of Gods and Goddesses and started manifesting them into signs and symbols. They would build temples for their Gods and Goddesses and appoint the most pious of the religious people to take care of them. Only those appointed for the caretaking and for praying to the Gods were allowed inside the temple.

The rest of the people were to just observe and tell their prayers to the priests. So, what happened was to have direct contact with the Gods, the ordinary people came out with symbols and signs to represent Gods and Goddesses. That is what essentially formed the basis of the origin of the eye of Horus. For more details regarding its origin and history head to our eye Of Horus Origin article.

Eye of Horus Amulet

The Eye of Horus amulet is an ancient Egyptian symbol that represents the god Horus and his power of protection and healing. The symbol is made up of six parts, each representing different aspects of the eye and its abilities. The amulet is often worn as a symbol of good luck, protection, and healing, and is still popular today among those who practice ancient Egyptian spirituality and mythology.

The Eye of Horus is also believed to possess powerful healing properties and is often used in traditional Egyptian medicine and magic. Overall, the Eye of Horus amulet is a powerful and meaningful symbol that has been revered for thousands of years and continues to be an important part of ancient Egyptian culture and spirituality.

Eye of Horus Overview:

The eye of Horus, the ancient Egyptian symbol that came into being centuries ago essentially stood for signs of prosperity, happiness, and protection against disease. It has been used by spiritual believers ever since it first came into and is still being used in many cultures of the world.

It comes in many forms but the basic symbol of the e6e of Horus remains the same. It is often represented with green color for green is the color of piousness and purity. Its origin was the ancient Egyptian culture but its use for its spiritual powers has now spread to many different parts of the world.

Prayers and Offerings:

The eye of Horus prayer is not ordinary that can be murmured at any time of the day. It is a special prayer to the falcon-headed God that needs to be done in a special circle with a special ritual. Not only the prayer but the ancient Egyptians would give some offerings to their falcon-headed God of Horus.


These offerings given by ancient Egyptians to the God of Horus would include food, stones, plants, and over all the precious belongings of people.

Eye of Horus Offerings


Food choices to give as an offering to God would include only the most luxurious type of Food such as dry fruits and exotic cheese.

Food choices would include sacrificing big animals in the name of God and then presenting the heads of these animals to the God of Horus.


These offerings would also include exquisite stones such as rubies and emeralds. Not only that but the sapphires were also a part of the offerings.


In short, the ancientEgyptianswereto ready to sacrifice any of their precious belongings in order to present them to the God of Horus as offerings.


The eye of Horus prayer as described earlier is a very special type of prayer that is to be done in a very peaceful manner followed by a ritual. The steps of this ritual are discussed below to help you perform the eye of Horus prayer at home.

Eye of Horus Prayers for Protection

 Step 1 – The candle step

The first step is to light up a room, preferably a cleaned one, and place a mat or a rug for where you intend to perform the prayer ritual. Make sure that you have all the materials required for this prayer to work next to you.

Next, take a candle and burn it in front of you. The candle should large enough, so it doesn’t die out very soon.

 Step  2- Circle of salt step

The next step is to take some salt and mark a circle around where you are sitting. The burning candle should be incited in the center of the demarcated circle.

The circle should be marked in complete uniformity and perfectly. Be mindful that the prayer only works if you have complete belief in the working it and make proper arrangements.

Step 3 – visualization with the stones step

Next, take stones such as sapphires or rubies any stone for that matter, and place them on the back of your hands. Now close your eyes and try to imagine the God of Horus close to you. I was listening to you. This step might take a very long time since it is hard to get into that meditating zone nevertheless if you focus firmly and hard enough you will start to get the eye of Horus visualizations.

Now pray to the God of Horus as if he were next to you, the following prayer can be used as a sample “I pray to the God of Horus, the God of hearts, to heal my Heart, and protect me from the evil spirit, Oh Lord Of Horus bring prosperity to thy life and keep sickness away.” This prayer can also be read you can add and edit it according to your wish and situation.

Step 4- Blowing out the candle step

The final step of the eye of Horus’s prayer method ritual is to blow out the candle. Once the prayer is done, open your eye slowly and let your worries slide away on3 by one.

You will literally feel all the worries leave your body one by one as you finish reciting the rye of Horus prayer. Blow the candle quietly and let God Horus take care of the matters.

Eye of Horus Prayer Protection Ring:

With the advent of the fashion industry, many ornaments now also have the eye of Horus prayer carved onto them. The most common of these ornaments used are rings and tag necklaces. Both of them are easily available in the market.

Eye of Horus Prayer Protection Ring

Eye of Horus Prayer Tag Necklace:

Tag necklaces are very common among today’s youth. Tag necklaces are worn especially by men these days. Traditionally the craft of carving religious scripts on these tag necklaces came into being and craftsmen started carving religious scripts on these tag necklaces. Not long after, the craft of the eye of Horus prayer craved onto these tag necklaces came forward and we began seeing the eye of Horus prayer carved into most of these necklaces.

One of the best pros with wearing this Kind of tag necklace is that you are always pr9tevted by the eye of Horus no matter where you go. The eye of Horus’s prayer is hanging around your neck no matter where you are, and you are always protected by the spell of Horus’s prayer.

Eye of Horus Prayer Tag Necklace

You can easily find the eye of Horusprayer tag necklaces on leading websites of the world such as amazon and Ali baba.  These tag necklaces can also be found in antique shops all around Egypt. They are not only worn these days by actual believers of spirituality but also as a fashion statement.

Horus Prayer Song Music From the Firmament:

Hymn to the Horus is a Horus prayer that was released back in 2017. This amazing song is sung by Music from the Firmament and became famous globally. The song was much welcomed by the spiritual community all around the world.

It is available on many kinds of music streaming websites like jiosaavn and gaana and on platforms such as YouTube. Other songs about the eye of Horus have been written too but the amazing lyrics of the prayer in this song are what makes it stand apart from the rest of the songs about the eye of Horus.


We hope that this prayer of the eye of Horus brings a generous amount of peace and prosperity to your life. Remember the author and our team in your prayers.

Please feel free to leave your queries and curiosities in the comments section down below. In case of any further requests regarding the eye of Horus topic, leave them down below and we will try to cover it as soon as possible.

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